Here at East Ridge Car Wash St Joseph MO it is our goal to satisfy each of our customers. We are the highest rated and most reviewed car wash St Joseph MO has. Our goal to serve our customers is why we have implemented the East Ridge Clean Car Guarantee. This guarantee is that if a car comes out of the car wash that does not meet our high standards we will wash it again. Our highly trained and attentive staff works hard to ensure the quality of each car wash for our customers. Over the 34+ years of washing cars at East Ridge, we have been blessed with many loyal customers.

East Ridge Car Wash St Joseph MO has been operated since 1989. Many things have changed since then. This includes the chemicals, credit cards, and cell phones. However, our attention to customer service has never changed. Being a locally owned business has helped us to make serving our customers a top priority. This is a lost aspect in the big business world. Many of our happy customers rave about how friendly our crew is. Each of our attendants is trained not only to work hard and how to clean a car, but also in how to interact with customers. We teach them to serve the needs of our customers, within reason, with a friendly demeanor. Most people can put on a smile and say the right things but their demeanor belies the facade. The friendly wave that our attendants give while drying cars was initiated in order to connect to our customers. It can be impersonal to just dry cars all day, but by the acknowledgement it changes the whole outlook. We no longer just dry the exterior of cars but dry the exterior of peoples’ cars.

We also teach our attendants to try to win each customer who comes. This was the mindset in the lean early days. If we could win a new customer each time, the business would grow. Even now, as the business has transformed we still instill this mindset to our attendants. The tough years in the beginning taught us the value of what every customer holds. This is why at East Ridge Car Wash St Joseph MO we love to give back to the St Joe community. More information can be found on the Our Giveback page. We also believe we can help make a positive difference in each customer’s day through the wash. Especially since 2020, most of the world has moved towards contactless and impersonal transactions. Most grocery stores push self checkouts. Some fast food restaurants don’t even have people who take drive thru orders anymore, but rather a computerized voice. While some things are better automated, we believe serving customers cannot be done well without the human touch.

Most modern tunnel car washes do not offer the same kind of human touch that East Ridge Car Wash St Joseph MO does. We always have a sales attendant to help the customer choose their wash package. No computerized voice or confusing computer screen here. In the tunnel we hand prep each car to remove grime and protect the paint of our customer’s investment. This is not done at the large majority of new car washes. Lastly, we hand dry each car with freshly cleaned towels. This is one of the many reasons that customers love washing with us. We are the only car wash St Joseph MO offers that hand drys. This is our process of quality control. Almost every new car wash does not hand dry anymore.

Modern car washing has changed much in the time since our current East Ridge Car Wash St Joseph MO opened in 2008. Some of it has been good, but the recent trends of total automation has reduced the quality of clean across the industry. While the chemicals have never been better, most washes lack the human element. Private equity firms have bought up many washes around the country in recent years. This has led to numbers and profit stressed over the quality of the wash for each customer’s car. The Car Wash industry has long been dominated by a mom and pop type of business model. As with East Ridge Car Wash, the owner could be seen around the premises and even helping customers in day to day operation. For more of our history, see the about us page. Even now, 34+ years after opening, Larry can be seen spraying cars when needed. Because we are a family business, much of the crew has a personal stake in the operation’s success. This leads to a better experience for our customers as well. With rare exception, new car washes do not hand prep each car or towel dry. The major reason for this trend is the higher profit margins. However, this diminishes the quality of service. Stubborn grime and mud is not removed in hard to reach areas. Mud in the wheel wells of vehicles is near impossible to remove without an attendant doing so. At East Ridge removing the mud from wheel wells is part of our East Ridge Guarantee. Also, stubborn bugs are not completely removed from the front of vehicles in most car washes. High pressure water can remove them, but without the human eye, certain areas will not be hit in accordance to what is needed. At East Ridge Car Wash, the bugs are also part of the East Ridge Clean Car Guarantee. Furthermore, if bug guts are left on the paint long enough, the bugs can etch the clearcoat over time. Hand drying is dying out in modern car washing. It may seem archaic to the industry, but it is still the top method of preventing any water spots. Also, a lack of any human sendoff prohibits the quality control process that we pride ourselves on. As mentioned before, the East Ridge Clean Car Guarantee is fulfilled at the dry end as the dryers watch how sparkling clean the cars come. If you are unsure of how satisfied our customers are, watch the testimonials of our happy customers!