At the best car wash St Joseph MO has to offer, we pride ourselves on providing a quick and efficient wash for your vehicle. Our friendly staff loves to clean the mud and grime off vehicles with our high pressure prep guns. The pictures showcase each of the stations that we utilize to ensure we clean cars safely and completely. With a prep station we can clean off any debris or grime to protect the finish as it goes through the wash. Our preppers bring the vehicles into our conveyor in order to go through the wash. In the picture shown where a prepper is bringing in a car into the car wash, the prep guns are visible. We use high pressure water to remove any grime from the vehicle’s surface. While we use high pressure water at the car wash St Joseph MO, we keep the pressure low enough to prevent paint from peeling off cars. In the months when bugs populate the roads. Using actual people to remove the bugs rather than equipment ensures each vehicle gets a custom approach to remove the bugs. Also, using water and chemicals to remove the bugs is a much more paint-friendly method than using brushes. Some washes still utilize this technique, while East Ridge has never taken this approach. The prep guns themselves have a rubber bumper near the nozzle called a “dingbat” to protect the vehicles. The pictures also show our car wash St Joseph MO cleans the wheels and wheel wells of vehicles. This is another advantage to washing with East Ridge. Many new car washes don’t have preppers cleaning each car, so machines are relied upon to do the personalized work for each car. It is very impractical to clean the mud and debris out of wheel wells with machines, so these areas are normally not touched at other car washes. 

As detailed on our How It Works page, as a vehicle goes through our car wash St Joseph MO we utilize high quality chemicals to produce a clean and shiny car. There is a picture above that showcases the Inferno carnauba hot wax being applied. Situated after the cleaning portion of the wash, the carnauba hot wax is a high quality wax that has been used in the car industry for many years. It is known for a deep gloss that also protects the finish. Our applicator allows for great foaming action that allows the wax to stay on the car for a longer period of time resulting in a better wax coat. Covering the whole car, the Inferno carnauba wax is also great for water resistance while driving in the rain. This makes for easier water removal by the windshield wipers because the water “beads” rather than “sheeting.” A good water bead occurs when a hydrophobic surface prevents the water from binding to the surface. Rather, the water “beads” by the surface tension with itself. When water “sheets” it is harder to remove from the surface of the car. This prevents the wipers from removing the water to ensure maximum visibility. 

We provide the only hand drying for any car wash St Joseph MO offers. Our top-notch dryers pay close attention to removing any water that would be left after the blowers. We focus on getting any water left on windows and mirrors. This is a personal, custom touch that cannot be matched with any automated drying process. Even the best spot free rinse processes still leave water spots. Thus, the advantage of the human element. We wash every towel after using it on a car to ensure nothing is transferred from car to car. As seen in the gallery, our attendants strive to even dry the back windows of tall pickup trucks. It is our belief that the drying is a crucial part to ensuring a complete clean at a car wash St Joseph MO. By towel drying the shine of the finish is unhindered by water spots. Also, the advantage of utilizing towel drying is the quality control aspect. The East Ridge Clean Car Guarantee ensures that if a car does not meet our high standards of cleanliness, then we will wash it again. Our dryers are trained to watch each car to make sure it meets our standards. This culminates in a great wash experience with superior customer service. We believe that the human element is a huge part of serving our customers. It starts with a friendly face at the sales booth. Then our preppers work hard and fast to let our customers get through the wash in a timely manner. The human element also helps them to watch for any dirty spots such as bird poop that would otherwise be finished. And the wash ends with hard working dryers who send our valued customers away with a smile and a wave.

The gallery also depicts many of the vehicles of satisfied customers of East Ridge Car Wash St Joseph MO. We strive to use the top chemicals offered on the market. This allows for an eye catching shine and long lasting protection. The feeling of having a clean car is hard to beat, especially with the top end waxes we provide. This includes the Turbo Shine Ceramic All-Surface Protection, Inferno Carnauba Wax, and the XCEL rain protectant. One of our loyal customers often gets complimented on how nice his pickup looks. He was gracious enough to put our location into his GPS so he could direct other folks to our car wash. We strive to produce this type of shine that can turn heads. The picture of the blue ford raptor is a prime example of this. The blue pops when the sun reflects off the paint. The paint also has a great mirror gloss as well. The dryers did an excellent job of checking the car and making sure it was up to the East Ridge Car Wash standard. Additionally, with the ceramic protection coat that comes with The Works package, the shine will last for several weeks. Also, the tires complete the shine of the raptor with the clean look of our tire shine.