We have so many different packages at Eastridge so you can get the best St Joseph Mo Car Wash for your car. We have our basic package where you get a hand prep, a reflection clear coat protectant, and a hand towel dry as well. We want to give you a hand towel to dry to make sure that you have no hard water spots at the end of your car wash because it will already be dry. Whenever you go to other car washes and they use air to dry your car, they do not dry it all the way and you are left with water spots. Whenever these water spots evaporate, you are left with spots where you can tell where the water was. We pay attention to detail. We want to make sure that does not happen to you, so we wash all of our cars by hand. If you want to learn more about our packages, keep reading.

The next St Joseph Mo Car Wash package that we have is called the plus package. it includes the same as the basics which is the hand prep, the reflection clear coat protectant, and the hand towel dry. but, it also includes a three-step wheel guarantee and an underbody flush. so, if you want to make sure that your wheels are 100% clean and you have an underbody clean as well, you can come to us and get the plus package just for you.

Another St Joseph Mo Car Wash package that we have for you is the VIP package. is the next step up from the plus package and it includes all of the things that are included in the basic and plus package, but you also get a rain repellent, a tri foam polish, a force double wheel cleaner, and a two-day rain guarantee. This two-day rain guarantee means that if you clean your car and within 2 days, it rains and gets your car dirty again, we will clean it again for free.

The last package we have is called the works. It is our most popular package because it includes everything so that way your car will be as clean as it has ever been before. your car will look good as new when you get the works. It has everything that the vip, the plus, and the basic have, but it also includes a tire shine, and ceramic All Surface protection, and a hot wax.

If you have any more questions or you want to learn more about our different packages and what exactly those special services entail in detail, you can give us a call and we will be so happy to answer any of your questions or concerns at 816-279-8883. or, you can go to our website and read a little bit about our services if you just go to Eastridgecarwash.net.

St Joseph Mo Car Wash | So Many Washes

Eastridge Car Wash offers so many different kinds of St Joseph Mo Car Wash services for you and your car. Whatever you need for your car, we have different kinds of things for you. We have different kinds of add-ons that you can also get, such as the underbody wash, tire shine, hot wax, And ceramic protection. These are all different add-ons you can get with any of your packages, but they are all included in the works package if you want everything at the same time.

We have four different types of wash packages at our St Joseph Mo Car Wash. so, Eastridge premium Car Wash offers several different types of packages that are just for you. These include the basic, the plus, the vip, Andy works. The Works includes everything that all of the others have plus all of the add-ons at the same time. I want you to have an enjoyable experience, and you can with your car wash packages. pick whichever one is best for you, and we’ll get that done for you.

We also offer free vacuums. They are all self-service so anytime you get a wash, you just hop over to our vacuum service and we’ll be able to get it all done for you. you get that vacuumed, and then your car is 100% clean inside and out. We also include a hand prep, a presale, and a hand towel dry with each of our St Joseph Mo Car Wash, no matter which package you decide to choose. These are included with every single one. We care about our customers and want them to all have the best experience possible, which is why we have different kinds of services and add-ons for you.

no matter what car you have, we have a service for you. we have different kinds for you. We also have a guarantee that ensures that your car will meet all of our high standards. if it doesn’t, we will clean it again. two of our packages, called the works, and the vip, I have a two-day rain guarantee. That means if it rains within 48 hours after washing, you get a free basic wash. so call me you don’t have to worry about it raining because then you can come right in and get another wash. some people might need a car wash but they don’t want to pay for it it’s going to rain the next three because it’s going to get dirty again, so all you need to do is get the VIP or the works and will give you a two-day wearing guarantee so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you want to learn more about all of our packages or you have any questions or concerns about any of our services, you can always get us a call by going to the number at 816-279-8883. or, if you want to look a little more about us or learn about our services or even see our amazing testimonials from our customers, or to get started you can always go to our website which is Eastridgecarwash.net.