The longest running tunnel Car Wash St Joseph Mo, husband veteran owned and operating since 1989. The Edwards family’s hometown is St Joseph, and now the second and third generation are getting involved in the dream. Larry was a Vietnam veteran himself, and began his janitorial business in a window washing in the ’70s. Later, he launched the only tunnel car wash in St Joseph Missouri at the time. With only 4 hours of true tunnel car washing experience, Larry had to learn on the job quickly. He reached out to larger car wash companies in the Kansas City area who graciously showed Larry the ropes.

Becoming a premium Car Wash St Joseph Mo, came with its own types of challenges and complexities. One of the most complex lessons learned about car washing is the fact that chemistry plays a big part. The Biggest question he had to answer was is a pre-so necessary? Soon, this was answered to be that the pre soak is one of the most important aspects to clean your car. Driven with the tenacity to understand the necessary chemical processes, the cars at East ridge premium car wash begin producing an amazing shine. We still believe that our shine makes us the best in the business to this day.

Those old days at the Car Wash St Joseph Mo, have some great memories. The original conveyor was only 65 feet with a log chain. This setup was not able to handle very many customer cars at one time. We only had a single vacuum to service customs. To most effectively wash cars the tunnel was used for just the equipment which left our prep station outside in the elements and made for a tough job in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. Also with no bug removing chemicals It was a real tough job to remove bug guts from the windows and grills of the vehicles. The first year we were able to service 18,000 cars and in 4 years of business, the business tripled and the facility reached capacity at 56,000 cars serviced.

Soon it was necessary to upgrade. So the facility was rebuilt on the same property. The original tunnel car wash was converted to storage, and a new 120 ft car wash was erected to process more vehicles. The new conveyor setup was more efficient and was able to hold your vehicles with the time allotted. This was done on a roller on demand system instead of a log chain. The first 9 years in business attendants were serving customers by pre-washing and accepting cash with belt bags. This worked at the time, but left our workers exposed to the elements and in a dangerous situation being there with cash. We later added sales booths with credit card readers before a customer’s vehicle entered the tunnel.

Though we are no longer at the original location, we are still the best in the business and a testament to the grit of this city. We are proud to be a member of the community and have been for some time now. We have expanded so much it is almost unrecognizable as the original, however, we still remain the same guaranteed service oriented bunch. We are confident you will truly enjoy the second to none service you will receive here and encourage you to take a look at our website here or give us a call at 816-279-8883 to speak directly to a person regarding your car cleaning needs.

Car Wash St Joseph Mo | A day in the life

It isn’t often that Car Wash St Joseph Mo, peels packets award-winning process and allows us to know exactly what goes on behind the scenes. By being a member of the community, you probably have seen go from a little small hole in the wall family-owned car wash to being a well running machine on customer satisfaction. With over 19 years of business under our belt, we have learned quite a bit in order to be the most efficient in the business. The fact is it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it, and we love doing it.

At the Car Wash St Joseph Mo, We found out that not only are we in the car washing business, we are actually in the mud business. What happens when your car is in the tunnel is that there is a large amount of mud and other contaminants being removed from your vehicle. This mud goes down into our channel and then it’s a dirty job for our employees to shovel out so that we can continue on our efficient process. When building our new location, we accounted for all the mud from the vehicles by creating what we call a pit. This is where mud and other vehicle contaminants go. This was designed by cutting PVC pipes in half to create a place for the contaminants to go to, then one of our employees can quickly flush out these contaminants to keep the cars in the tunnel and increase productivity

Here at the Car Wash St Joseph Mo, we want to make sure that your car is the cleanest it has ever been, and we do not want to waste your time. This is why being the best in the business for so long is a blessing. We have seen it all when it comes to cleaning cars and have created a process which will decrease the amount of time you spend at our facility. We know you have a busy life you need to get back to, and we just want to make sure your car is incredibly clean while you live your best life.

When you support Eastridge Car Wash, not only are you supporting the local St Joseph, MO market, but you are also part of an ever expanding business as well. If you know anything at all about military service, we do not give up easily nor do we ever take no or fail for an answer. Roughly 6 years ago we had the opportunity to expand to another state and did so with two additional car washes in the great state of Montana. We are doing what we do best and bringing it to the world. The fact is there are never too many car washes around, even more so than that you can’t get the best service you have ever had without us.

If you would like to give us a try or become a monthly member please head on over to our website at where you can take a look at our cool first car wash offer of $1 for your very first car wash. Always remember, if your satisfaction is not guaranteed we will wash it again for free. There is nothing to lose in trying out our service and we are sure you will want to come back. Give us a call at 816-279-8883 to speak to one of our customer service professionals here to ensure your satisfaction.