Here at East ridge Car Wash St Joseph Mo, We do everything in our power to guarantee your satisfaction. That’s why we pay attention to every single detail So you don’t have to. Come give us a visit to get your first wash for just $1. See why we’re the best car wash in St Joseph Missouri with the Platinum reader’s choice award. Enjoy our car wash prepping station, hand towel drying and free vacuum. By getting your car cleaned with us we can guarantee to remove hard to reach grime, water spots, and even extend the life of your finish. Ultimately keeping money in your wallet instead of paying out for costly body repairs.

We are so sure that your satisfaction will be guaranteed at Car Wash St Joseph Mo, that if your standards are not met, we will wash your car again for free. This is how we continue to deliver top notch customer service to every client. We make sure to wash your car with a personal touch by paying attention to every detail. We have customers that highly recommend our car wash because our staff maintains a great positive attitude while getting your vehicle as clean as possible. This is one area that keeps us being the best and customers coming back wash after wash. Our quality and service cannot be beat.

The best thing about being the best Car Wash St Joseph Mo, is Howard customers talk about our service. Not only can you check us out on our website, but on our Google business profile, YouTube channel, and even our Facebook page has reviews from clients we have made happy. We continue to keep our customers happy by not only ensuring you get an incredible clean, but we also have monthly memberships available to make it easier for you to maintain your clean car. We are a service dedicated to detail, and we want to ensure that you remain satisfied with every detail.

We’re confident that you’ll love every second that we pay additional attention to the detail of your car. We also guarantee that you will receive top notch customer service while your car is in our care. Not only will you receive a thorough cleaning UV protection and a two-day rain guarantee. But you will also be supporting a local veteran-owned business. That’s a grand slam in our book. Not only will you get excellent attention to detail, top-notch customer service, but you’re also supporting a local community that’s also veteran owned. What’s better than that?

We are more than confident we can satisfy your need for a clean vehicle so If you are looking for the best car detail in the business, head over to our website at So you can hear more about the great work that we do here. Or feel free to give us a call at 816-279-8883 for any further questions that you may have. We would look forward to seeing you down at the carwash.

Car Wash St Joseph Mo | Support the Vets

We realize that in getting a Car Wash St Joseph Mo, You may think that you are only getting your car clean. But at East ridge car wash, it’s another story entirely. Your dollar, even your first car wash dollar, goes further here. Not only does it ensure that you receive top notch customer service, but that dollar supports veterans in running a local owned business. Let’s face it, the ability to keep running a business is far better than being welcome back home after one. Keeping a man able to work and supporting his family is what the American dream is all about. That’s what we are far hard for, and that is exactly what We want to see from those we served and protected.

The premium Car Wash St Joseph Mo, goes out of its way to give its customers any interpretent amount of benefits to ensure that they receive exactly what it is that they’re paying for. We don’t want to cheat anybody, and only desire to keep a smile on their face. When you can start your day with a clean car and a smile on your face you know that you’ve had an impact on someone else’s day in life that they were not expecting. That is our only goal. By paying attention to every detail of washing your car, when every detail of your life can go on with a smile.

East ridge premium Car Wash St Joseph Mo, understands its mission of giving customers more than what they expect at the end of paying attention to every detail so you don’t have to. We take this mission seriously, Even when we don’t have to sometimes customers come to us with a pretty clean car, and those are the challenge customers. We go out of our way to ensure quality standards are given to them as well. You want to over deliver to make sure that you keep coming back to keep your car clean. We operate with a wash each car as though it was your grandmother’s car mindset And that has kept us pretty profitable. Just come on by to see what it is like.

Well in the military, we developed a one-track mindset of completing a mission. Here at East ridge premium car wash, it is no different. Our sole mission is to guarantee your satisfaction by making sure you get the cleanest vehicle around. Our goal is to make those around you jealous of just how shiny your car really is. We want to make a difference in all of our customers’ lives by ensuring that they have a clean car to be proud of. Who knew that soap and water could make such a difference. Keeping your car hygiene up to par is just as imperative Thanksgiving your hygiene in the same fashion.

If you would like to find out what the eastridge guarantee is all about, feel free to do a little research on our website at to get a better idea of what it’s all about. We would also be more than happy to receive a call from you at 816-279-8883 if there are any further specific details regarding your vehicle.