We do focus on producing the cleanest Car Wash St Joseph Mo available, but we also ensure that it is an enjoyable experience. From the time you come on to our property you will be greeted with a friendly sales attendant who will help you pick out the correct wash package for your needs as well as give you the best smile that they know how. While we do have several add-on benefits to get your car super shiny, such as the tire shine, the underbody wash, the inferno hot wax with carnauba, in turbo shine ceramic protection, we also offer all of these add-ins to be included in the works package.

There are four Car Wash St Joseph Mo packages for you to choose from ranging in what items are actually cleaned, and just how detailed the service that we offer. However there’s another option which allows you to be part of our new unlimited watch club. This creates an easy way for your car to remain clean and protected from all the elements all the time. By being a member of the club you will have the additional benefit of being able to wash your cars often as you would like to all with the same low monthly price. The Works package monthly club pays for itself in just two washes, so if you wash your car more than twice a month this is the best option for you.

To top off your experience at Car Wash St Joseph Mo, every wash includes hand towel drying as well as free self-service vacuuming. Our vacuums are top quality and provide more than enough power to clean all the debris inside your car, we wouldn’t even be surprised if it picked something up you don’t want it to. Another added feature that we offer is a free mat washer which works excellent with carpet mat or low profile rubber mat. If you need your molded floor mat with a hard raised lip to be clean, one of our staff members can do it for you for a dollar permit, it just doesn’t fit in our mat washer.

No matter what service that you come in for, we assure you that you will be leaving with a smile. Not only will your smile be shining, but so will your car. Which is exactly what we do here at Eastridge premium car wash. We are the best ever to do it, because we care for every detail. Every customer deserves the guarantee of having a clean car inside and out. This is why we offer your first wash to be $1, as well as self-serve vacuums available for every wash received. We do it better than everyone, because we desire to do it better than everyone.

The best way for you to understand the value that you would be receiving here, is to experience it firsthand for yourself. So if you have not received the best car wash in St Joseph Missouri, then come on down and see what it’s all about for just $1. If you would like to see pictures of just how shiny your vehicle can get, head over to https://eastridgecarwash.net/ and take a look in our gallery to look at what happens when you receive our service. Also head to our testimonials and watch a few videos to see just how happy people are once they experience the best. Feel free to also give us a call at 816-279-8883 So that we can assure you of the services we can complete for you today.

Car Wash St Joseph Mo | 4 packages and a membership

The most important step here at Car Wash St Joseph Mo are our hand preppers. Our hand preppers use high pressure guns with low pH pre-soaks designed to get all the grime from under your wheel well as well as remove bug matter from hard to reach areas. Once you have experienced our tunnel car wash, we also complete the experience by towel drying by hand. The truth is that many bugs cannot be removed without harming your paint job, this is one thing that we do that sets us apart from the rest. Most car washes do not have this additional step of hand prepping and it shows in the shine.

Most Car Wash St Joseph Mo offer two packages, a basic one and then one that has every single service that they offer. Here, we do it just a little bit differently. We offer four different wash packages that you can choose from depending on the need at that time. You may come in and only want a basic car wash the first time, and the next time you may need the Works. However, there are other packages in between. The basic car wash includes hand prep, reflection clear coat protectant, and our signature hand towel dry service. Each package includes those benefits as well as adding additional benefits to your cleaning package.

Additional benefits from Car Wash St Joseph Mo packages do include a three-step wheel guarantee as well as an under body flesh included in the plus package. Going up from there we have the VIP package which will include Excel rain repellent, try phone polish, a four-step wheel cleaner instead of a three-step, and a two-day rain guarantee. Each step in the package does require a little bit more money, however we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our one of a kind service. From this VIP service the Works only includes three additional signature treatments but a lifetime of satisfaction. That would be the inferno hot wax with Carnauba, the turbo shine ceramic all surface protection and the tire shine. By including these additional services, you will also be extending the life of your top coat.

Every car wash includes soap and water, but not every car wash includes the hands on touch that we give you here. We truly enjoy putting a smile on your face and a shine that you can’t get anywhere else on your car. We ask that if you truly enjoy your experience, you let us know. We encourage all of our customers to give a video review, and we would love to shoot one on site with you the next time that you stop by our facility. We hope that we have over delivered on the experience that you have had from us.

Please take a look at our website at https://eastridgecarwash.net/ and see how we can wow you with a car wash today. Take a look at all of our services and what we have to offer, our membership options, our testimonials, as well as pictures showcasing just how insane that shine is. Once you are ready, feel free to give us a call at 816-279-8883 in case we need to clear up any other questions that you may have.