Our goal at Car Wash St Joseph Mo is that you leave with your smile shining as bright as your car. We have become the highest rated and most reviewed car wash around. Because of this standard, we have started an East ridge clean car guarantee. This guarantee is to ensure that your car comes out meeting not only our high standards but yours as well. If for whatever reason the car wash does not meet your standards, we will wash it again for free. Our attentive staff works tirelessly around the clock to ensure the quality of each car that’s washed through our facility. We are highly trained and have over 34 years experience of washing cars in the area. Because of our longevity and quality of work, we have a numerous amount of loyal customers.

The one thing that has remained the same with our Car Wash St Joseph Mo is the fact that servicing our customers is our top priority. To us, keeping the customer’s top priority is a lost aspect of business. We tirelessly train each one of our attendants to ensure that you get the best clean car available, but we also train them to interact with customers. We teach our staff endlessly to service our customers’ needs in a friendly manner. While many of our customers have experienced someone putting on the act of service before, what they truly enjoy is just how attentive and customer-centric our staff really is. Our professional cleaning attendants began giving a little wave while drying cars in order to connect with our customers on a more personal level.

Every customer at Car Wash St Joseph Mo holds value to us, as well as our attendants. We teach our attendants of the important value that every customer holds to our beloved company. This starts with the mindset to win every customer over to our way of doing things with our exceptional attention to detail. This keeps us not only the best but also at the forefront of every customer’s mind whenever the need arises for a car wash. In business today, many things are automated, however, we do not trust automation to give our customers the same level of attention we do. Besides that, in a world where people are encouraged to stay away from each other, we desire to showcase the difference in service a human touch can bring.

Service is not the only thing that sets us apart here, at Eastridge Premium Car Wash, we also instill a few by hand details to ensure that we are controlling the quality within our environment as well as keeping a personal touch to increase value to our customers. There isn’t anywhere else you can go in town or out of town that will give you the same level of service for the same price or guarantee. This is something we are extremely proud of and will never remove from our business practices as your smile means more to us than any other aspect of our business.

This type of personalized service is only available at Eastridge Premium car wash. We are proud to be able to say that and mean it. Take a look at our website https://eastridgecarwash.net/ so that you can see what sets us apart. Or feel free to give us a call at 816-279-8883, for an even more personalized approach to your one of a kind experience.

Car Wash St Joseph Mo | Eastridge Clean Car Guarantee

When choosing a Car Wash St Joseph Mo, making sure to choose one that has a higher standard or a clean car guarantee is the way that I would go. The thing is, other car washes only care to get you in and out. They don’t care about you, the customer, or even setting a standard. That’s where we come in! We’re the ones that set the standard. Our standard starts out by us choosing higher quality chemical products to ensure a higher quality cleaning. Because we choose high quality chemical products, we guarantee to have a better clean than any other car wash. But really, what sets us apart is the quality assurance that we conduct by hand.

There are not many Car Wash St Joseph Mo around which do anything by hand anymore. Heck! There’s not much of anything around that does things by hand anymore. Most people consider it either a lost art, or an unnecessary one. This is rubbish to us. The only way to ensure the highest quality standard is doing it by hand with a human to look over it and ensure that every detail is attended to. We have a high quality standard that has been highly ranked more times than any other car wash. The standard begins with a friendly smile, and ends with hand drying and a wave.

No other Car Wash St Joseph Mo comes with a guarantee. Much less the East ridge clean car guarantee. In this guarantee not only do we set a higher standard than other car washes, but the customer standard is also brought to our attention. If for whatever reason the car wash you received is not pleased you, for whatever reason at all, you can tell one of our attendants, and we will clean it again for free. This is how we ensure that our car wash is none other than anybody else’s, but we also make sure that our customers are satisfied.

Another thing is for sure, when you leave here with our handcrafted quality service, you will definitely leave with a smile on your face. Your car will be shining brighter than anyone else’s car on the road. And depending on the package of service that you receive, You will also have a guarantee of service after you leave. We ensure that the chemicals we choose will keep spots off of your car longer, as well as assist with elongating the life of your coat. We do this all because we have a higher standard and only desire to Make sure the customer is satisfied.

If you would like to have your own experience with our car wash, we invite you to take a look at our website https://eastridgecarwash.net/ to see just how we do things and who we are. Once you’re satisfied and wish to move forward, feel free to give us a call at 816-279-8883 or stop by our car wash today.