When was the last time you paid for a Car Wash St Joseph Mo? Lately, the price for simple car wash has gone through the roof. That’s why at East ridge premium car wash, we let you get your first wash for just a dollar. We want to make sure that you give us a try. We’ll guarantee a clean car every time. We can guarantee that because we pay attention to every detail. By utilizing a car wash prepping station before your car gets washed, in hand towel drying it after the wash, we ensure quality is our far at most concerned. In fact if you are not completely satisfied with your car wash, will wash it for a second time for free.

Did we mention that our Car Wash St Joseph Mo, also offers free vacuum with every car wash You get from us? If we didn’t this is for sure an added benefit. Getting a free vacuum means that your externally clean car will also be internally clean. You can’t be impressing everybody outside of your reach without impressing your own self. You deserve to be in a clean environment when you’re driving. We spend a lot of time in our car and there’s no need to have a messy vehicle. This is exactly why we offer a friend that came with every car wash you get from us.

Allowing us to be your Car Wash St Joseph Mo stop comes with many added benefits. We have employees at our pre-wash station were able to remove hard to reach crime that you probably didn’t even realize was that. We offer a thorough cleaning and friendly customer service. Utilizing employees to hand dry after the car wash will remove all water spots and make sure that your car is looking its best. All of our products offer UV protection so that we can extend the life of your finish. We care about the details so you don’t have to. Which is exactly how we won the best car wash award in St Joe Missouri.

Did we mention that for just $1 not only do you get hand towel drying, and a car wash prepping station before you enter the car wash, but you also receive the gift of a free vacuum. That way your car can be clean inside and out. Not even the car likes it when the car is clean outside and it’s dirty inside. It’s a proven fact that a car just runs better whenever it’s all the way clean, and we want to keep your car in top notch quality and always working for you. This is what keeps us being the best in the business, and then highest rated car wash.

If this deal sounds too good to be true, head over to our website at https://eastridgecarwash.net/ where we are more than confident you’ll be pleased with what you see here. Take a look at her testimonials so you can get an idea of how exactly using our car wash will make you one of the happiest customers around. Want to talk directly to a person? No worries! Give us a call today at 816-279-8883.

Car Wash St Joseph Mo | You Deserve the Works

It’s not often that we choose a Car Wash St Joseph Mo, to really treat or spoil ourselves. With all the Works package you will have everything you need to have the best clean your car will ever see. We have a 10 benefit works package that includes top-notch customer service and overall satisfaction guaranteed. The fact is if it doesn’t meet our standards we’ll wash it again for free. And it’s an attitude like that that keeps us the best in the business. And we’ll keep us the best in the business for years to come.

At our Car Wash St Joseph Mo, You can rest assured that once your car is clean here you’ll never go back to another car wash. The Works package includes hand prep, try phone pre soap, four step will cleaner, underbody wash, hot wax with carnauba and many more benefits in this package. We want to make sure that your car shines brighter than anything you’ve ever seen and keeps you happy and coming back another time. We are more than confident that you will be able to enjoy your clean car for more than just one hour. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll like our service so much you’ll want to keep your car clean. In our opinion that’s worth it’s waiting gold.

The benefits at Car Wash St Joseph Mo, far out way whatever it is that you’re paying. And the first time you tries it’ll only be $1! You can’t say no to that. Additional benefits in our works package include a 2-day rain guarantee, a tire shine, Xcel rain repellent, hand towel drying and turbo shine ceramic. We pack this much benefit into our Works package because we know that you will truly be satisfied with our services. That and we really have a passion for people having a clean car. Not only that, but it’s part of our core values that everyone deserves a clean car. And that ain’t starts with you.

If it’s been awhile since your cars look shiny, make sure to head over to Eastridge Car Wash and see what the Platinum award winner best car wash in St Joe Missouri is all about. It’s our mission to make sure not only is your car cleaner than it’s ever been but that you leave with a smile on your face and wanting to talk on video about how much we changed. Your day due to how clean the car was. We are so confident you’ll like what we do here, that we’re willing to give you the works car wash for just $1. That’s right folks, a 10 benefit car wash package for just $1.

If this sounds like a deal you just can’t pass up, head over to our website at https://eastridgecarwash.net/ So that we can continue to wow you there. Video testimonials are where customers are talking about everything that they love about our service. It still blows our mind to this day. If you’d rather speak directly to a person, we’re here for that too, at 816-279-8883.