It’s a fact that most Car Wash St Joseph Mo get you in come and get you out, and that is it. But here, we do things just a little bit differently. We make sure that our main focus is the customer, and the customer’s car. That vehicle is responsible for taking them to and from their livelihood and other parts of their lives. By offering one of a kind personalized handcrafted service, we set ourselves up to be the best in the business. The best thing is that the majority of our customers agree with this fact, which makes us the most rated and the highest reviewed car wash in town.

By being the best Car Wash St Joseph Mo, We have been able to develop a standard that no one else can replicate. Not only do we take pride in the chemicals that we utilize to wash the cars of our customers, but we also ensure that we have top-notch customer service. That customer service does not stop with just a smile in a wave, but also with a personal prep station done prior to you entering the tunnel, but also a hand drying station at the end to ensure every detail is taken care of across every mirror and window on your vehicle.

We ensure that every step of our Car Wash St Joseph Mo is done with the customer in mind. We do this because our customers are what makes a difference in our business. Because of our personalized service, and handcrafted quality, our customers keep coming back for more premium car washes. We have over 30 years of experience in the car wash business in our local area, and have an undying relentless ambition to prove to every customer that we are the best in the business. Apparently, you hurt as loud and clear because we have been the Best Of for 2 years in a row in our local market.

Well we know that you can get a car wash anywhere, including your front yard, we also know that no one does it better than us. There’s no other car wash that we would refer our grandmother to other than our own. No one else takes the time to look over every detail with our level of attention to that detail. No one else has the setup for high pressure guns in the pre-wash station, and no one has hand drying complete with a wave and smile to connect to our customers. These are just some of the things that have made us the best in the business.

For further reasons as to why you should choose us for your car washing needs, head over to our website at to learn more about our service packages as well as our memberships. You can also feel free to give us a call at 816-279-8883 or stop by our car wash today to experience the one of a con quality that you’ll only receive at East ridge premium Car Wash.

Car Wash St Joseph Mo | Free vacuums and smiles

It’s not often that a Car Wash St Joseph Mo offers any kind of service for free. But again, we do things a little bit differently here. It’s a fact that you will receive the best quality car wash that you have ever had in your entire life here at East ridge premium Car Wash. But what else is a fact is that we have a self-service vacuum station for you to be able to clean the inside of your car as well as weekly on the outside. Not only is this a free service that we offer, but every single customer has service with a smile. And this is the Eastridge clean car guarantee that you can get from no place else but here.

The type of service that you will receive at Car Wash St Joseph Mo is second to none and we pride ourselves on that. From the time you roll onto our property to the time you leave every attendant will give you a friendly warm smile. Once you come here you will not go to another car wash, as no other car wash has the ability to service all your needs with the same level of customer service. We are attentive to details and that includes with our customers wanting to be treated right. This keeps us the best in the business and keeps us receiving awards only our customers can give us.

Ensuring that at Car Wash St Joseph Mo there is also a free self service vacuum station is imperative to keeping the standard of maintaining a clean car in the forefront of our minds. While we offer a lot of hands on quality services, we also offer the ability for you to get hands on with your clean car experience as well. In that fact, we work together with the customer to ensure they have a top quality 5-star experience each and every time. We partner together to ensure that the customer is given the highest quality as well as the most thorough experience available.

Maintaining a high standard of service is what we work hard to achieve. Every decision of every day is made with the customer in mind and at the forefront of every thought process. We want to make sure you are not wasting any of your precious time or money. We also ensure that where we give back too aligns with the many customers that come through our business. This not only makes us feel great, but helps make the customer aware of much needed opportunities to give to an organization that may really need it. This keeps us as the best available car wash around as well as one of the highest quality of service.

Choosing to experience the best is a no brainer. However, if you still need to be convinced, feel free to head over to our website by clicking this link so that you can be convinced further of why we are the best and how we can make your car look the best. You can also give us a call at 816-279-8883 if you would like to have a more human experience.