If you were to take a look at our Car Wash St Joseph Mo, behind the scenes, we have a real you get what you see approach. The only difference is how much we actually care about not only our drying by hand, but also striving to use the top chemicals offered on the market. This ensures that we have head turning shine in the longest lasting protection on the market. This is why we have an astounding word of mouth referral rating with our customers. By utilizing the top-notch quality chemicals we ensure that the top and waxes are used to ensure your vehicle has a shine like no one else’s. We believe that The feeling of a clean car is hard to beat.

Many Car Wash St Joseph Mo, have access to chemicals, but not many go out of their way to ensure to use the best available. Our desires to have other people asking you where you got your car cleaned. One of our loyal customers gets this question all the time, and he helps us out by putting our location in his GPS to help direct people to our car wash. We truly thank you for this, and strive to keep this standard as general practice. By using our turbo shine ceramic all surface protection, inferno carnauba wax, and the EXO rain protectant, we ensure that your car will be looking fresh day after day for the longest amount possible.

The difference at our Car Wash St Joseph Mo, can only be experienced for yourself. We entice people to come give us a try by offering a $1 first car wash price. We ensure that you’ll come back, by offering second to none service as well as offering top notch customer service. We want to make sure that you’re taken care of inside and out. This is why we offer free vacuuming service for every customer no matter how much money that you spend with us. Because a cleaning job is just not complete unless it’s vacuumed thoroughly inside. At several of our locations you can do this on your own, or have one of our employees do it for you included in a package.

By offering a service that no one else has and doing it in a way that nobody else does, we ensure you keep coming back to keep your car clean more and more. We desire to keep you as part of the Eastridge premium car wash family and attempt to do so by keeping you satisfied and smiling every step of the way. By utilizing premium products, we can ensure that your car stays shiny longer which means that you can smile hard when people ask you about it. Then we know, you’ll want to share the secret of where you got this exquisite service.

If this sounds like an amazing service that you just can’t afford to miss, head on over to our website at https://eastridgecarwash.net/ where you will be astounded by how we talk about our service as well as how we service our customers. There are plenty of pictures as well as video testimonials speaking to this fact. If you would like a more personal approach, feel free to stop by or give us a call at 816-279-8883.

Car Wash St Joseph Mo | Mission giveback

One of the side missions of Car Wash St Joseph Mo, is to get back to causes that we are passionate about. This has been a very rewarding experience for us as we have truly been blessed by each opportunity to serve others. We truly believe that by helping others out, our business has truly flourished because we choose to follow 1st Peter 4:10. So again if you are wanting your dollar to go further, we assure you that with your support, we can assist others as well as give our employees a stable job. This is how we are able to remain the best in the business for as long as we have.

Who knew that a Car Wash St Joseph Mo, would be connected to an orphanage. One charity we give to consistently is the Noyes Home. Stay focused on providing a safe and stable home for children to flourish and have been doing so for the past 128 years. They have been known as the home for little wanderers and have over delivered with services designed to help children in different situations. Services provided for children include therapists and social workers to help children going through tough emotions or complex feelings. A truly radical solution that they also offer is to support the parents to piece their lives back together once their families have experienced a crisis. Since we at East ridge premium Car Wash believe that families are the leader of our communities, we are super proud to be part of an organization like the Noyes Home.

Spending your dollars with Car Wash St Joseph Mo, goes a lot further than just the soap and water it takes to wash your car. Giving back to DR missions has also helped us to give back to an ever needing community. DR missions has been serving people in the Dominican Republic since 2003. They have helped to establish an all-girls orphanage that houses over 20 girls. They also provide meals daily as well as services for over 80 children. DR missions believes that every child deserves a stable living environment, and so do we. Giving children a stable environment begins with the parents, which is exactly why we have had the opportunity to provide stable employment for many men at the halfway house here in our local community. As the words of Proverbs 24:16 guide us we believe in always giving people a second chance. We have numerous success stories through hiring men at a halfway house, holding them accountable and making them very successful and contributing members of society.

Giving back to our community and to those less fortunate than as has always been one of the guiding factors to who we are as individuals as well as a business. We start every journey by providing top-notch customer service to everyone within our reach. This includes people who we give back to as well. We utilize our success as a platform to help others, and we hope that you want to be a part of that type of an organization. This makes us the best, and we want to remain the best in your eyes. Seeing just how far a dollar can change people’s lives is literally music to our ears.

If you would like a membership at such an awesome organization that’s giving back to people who need it, visit our website at https://eastridgecarwash.net/ or feel free to give us a call at 816-279-8883 to speak to one of our professional cleaning representatives today.